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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Gurgaon

It is a proven and one of the most comfortable procedures that can remove unwanted hair from any area of the body.

Three types of hair on the human body are:

Vellus hair – Fine, short, non-pigmented, small cross-sectional hair.

Terminal hair – Coarse, long, pigmented, larger cross-sectional hair.

Intermediate hair – Intermediate in length and shaft size.

The type of wavelength used for hair removal LASERS depends on the skin color and the type of hair. In our clinic, we use Triple wavelength diode: a combination of 808nm, 755nm and 1064nm which allows us to tackle all the various combinations.

808nm – This is the classic wavelength used for LASER hair removal. These pulses of near infra-red LASER light offer deep penetration levels and moderate melanin absorption without damaging the surrounding tissue. Suitable for medium to dark-skinned individuals.

1064nm – This Nd YAG wavelength is considered ideal for treating individuals with dark skin due to lower melanin absorption, reduced scatter and deepest penetration of LASER light.

755nm – This wavelength offers powerful energy absorption by melanin. With superficial penetration, it is relatively more suitable for superficially embedded, thin and fine hair.

The treatment uses pulses of near infra-red laser light, which are made to pass down the hair follicle and kill it in its root, preventing re-growth, however, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The treatment is a safe, fast, fairly painless and effective treatment for all skin types, and requires a few short sessions to permanently remove hair, with a minimal need for touch-ups that may be required over time.


An amazing doctor. Have gone laser hair removal treatment. And also keeps a check on the patient after giving the treatment if treatment is being take properly or not. Would recommend each, if you need to see dermatologist then contact Dr. Neha.

Tahira Khan

Dr Neha did a very precise laser hair removal treatment. Her treatment was both time and cost effective. Was content with the services of the clinic.

Erica Sehgal
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