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Facial melanoses (FM) is one of the most common skin pigmentation problems in Indian patients, causing aesthetic disfigurement along with considerable psychological impact.

There are well-defined causes of facial melanoses such as Melasma, Lichen Planus Pigmentosus, Erythema Dyschromicum Perstans (EDP), Riehl’s melanosis, Erythropoiesis and Poikiloderma of Civatte.

The diagnosis of this generally depends on clinical features.

Etiology in most of the cases is unknown, but some contributory factors are UV radiation, hormonal imbalances, exposure to chemicals and other allergens.

There is no universal specific therapy for pigmentation. We need to use photo-protection, avoid provoking factors and use topical skin lightening agents.

Various treatments done at our clinic to reduce pigmentation are:


I had problems with the red pigmentation on face. I was fed up with to did loss of Ayurveda and homemade remedies. But when I was consultant Dr. Neha, that time she helps me and gave confidence to recure the problem. She is nice and treated me as friend. She is an expert and excellence in skin and hair problem.

Neha is warm smart and makes one feel very comfortable and at ease.... her treatment helped clear my face and I got a glowing skin. The results were very fast within a week the pimples started subsiding. The pigmentation also became much lighter and is under control now. The youngest dermatologist we have in Delhi.... the quick and lasting results I experienced with her only.

I visited Dr. Neha about a month back to get treated for some black patches I had been noticing on my hands and face due to tanning and prolonged exposure to sun. I have been following her treatment extensively and have noticed considerable results. I firmly recommend her to each and every patient who is looking for a good dermatologist in Delhi NCR.
Charu Sharma

I had visited Dr Neha for my cheeks pigmentation for which I have used many creams all were useless. But Dr Neha has diagnosed and treated my problem so well that it has reduced a lot in just 1 and half month. Thanks Dr Neha for boosting my confidence and giving me glowing skin.
Kavita Duhan

Had been taking treatment for pigmentation and uneven tone from doctor . Her treatment and guidance made me feel better and confident . She also help me with other health issues and always keep track of my health as a family.
Shalu Sharma

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