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Everyone desires flawless skin and hair. Indian skin is unique in its colour, texture and its quality. It needs special care to help take care of it and bring out its true beauty. The clinic runs under the vision and guidance of our esteemed dermatologist, Dr. Neha Sharma. At Estique Skin and Hair Clinic, we understand this fact and provide solutions for you to help enhance your aesthetics and transform your life. At Estique, we offer customized treatments for skin and hair problems for everyone. We believe in approaching the medical treatment process through a holistic approach.

Estique is one of the best skin and hair clinics in Gurgaon - When a patient arrives at Estique, we analyze their skin & hair type, the nature of their problem and what might have caused it. Only after analyzing all parts of the issues do we provide the best solution. Following the analysis, our team of expert dermatologists design appropriate solutions that solve the patient’s problems while remaining within their budgets. Our aesthetic therapists value customers above all else, and their needs are considered the first while following any treatment plan step.

Apart from hair and skin treatments, Estique also provides skin maintenance and beauty enhancement treatments. Our dermatology and dermatosurgery departments help people with skin conditions and disorders like melasma, eczema, vitiligo, warts, acne, psoriasis, etc. Additionally, our aesthetic department is in charge of treatments for antiaging, scar removal, uneven skin tone, etc. People can get laser therapy for aesthetic hair removal at our clinic, along with hair loss treatments such as microneedling and PRP therapy.

Our dermatology team believes that precision and accuracy are the pillars of a promising treatment strategy. Only a precise diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan can provide relief to our patients and provide them with beautiful and glowing skin. At Estique, patients can avail all sorts of luxurious beauty treatments such as botox, fillers, mesotherapy, etc. All the products used at our clinic are FDA approved and come under the category of some of the best skin care products in the market. Throughout the course of the treatment, our doctor pays attention to the patient’s condition and updates the treatment plan as and when needed. In case of a sudden allergy or adverse reaction to any stage of the treatment, our doctors halt the treatment and manage the patient’s condition before moving on. Patient comfort stands above everything else in our treatment strategy.

At Estique, our team uses the most advanced technologies and techniques available in the market for its beauty treatments. Dr Neha Sharma, the head dermatologist of Estique Skin Clinic, is widely considered one of the best dermatologists in Gurgaon. She is very well-versed in the latest technologies available in the market and uses her expertise to provide her patients with the finest treatment in Gurgaon. As one of the best skin specialists in Gurgaon, she is aware of the sensitive nature of the skin of the people living in this region and knows the solutions to treat their problems. As a virtue of her knowledge and experience, Estique skin and hair clinic stands out amongst its peers and is recognized by many as the best skin clinic in Gurgaon. She continues to constantly update her skills and knowledge to keep up with the rest of the world and ensure that her patients receive the best care possible. Our goal at Estique is to give patients a rewarding experience at the clinic and enhance their skin and hair condition so much that they feel that their choice of coming to Estique was worthwhile. Skin health is vital, and our doctors provide patients with guidance to help maintain the treatment results for as long as possible.

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