Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment in Gurgaon

It is considered the gold standard in acne scarring treatment. Ablative lasers offer a significant improvement in scar appearance with collagen remodeling, skin tone, skin tightening and improvement in photodamaged skin.

The chromophore for this LASER is water, and this technology leads to the formation of ablated, vaporized columns of tissue which appear in the form of tiny dots surrounded by normal skin. The body heals by producing more collagen and elastin.

This ongoing formation of collagen remodeling over 1-3 months’ post-procedure results in a marked decrease in depth of scars, skin tightening, fainter stretch marks. Over some time, you will notice more radiant skin with improved texture.


There is downtime of 5-7 days associated with the procedure. We provide pre and post-treatment to patients to achieve quicker recovery. We analyze the skin and suggest the number of treatments required. Usually, 3-5 treatments are required to give efficient results.


I was a bit nervous about the Fractional CO2 process when I arrived. Dr. Neha Sharma was absolutely wonderful. She made sure I was comfortable and explained everything she was doing. Totally happy with her treatment.

Dr. Neha was super friendly and an amazing doctor. I went to her for acne scar treatment and got laser treatment and under her care my acne scars are completely under control.

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Estique Clinic uses the most advanced technologies to provide the best solutions and aims at providing a comprehensive patient experience and individualized care. We believe in extending the services and attention that our patients deserve. With an expertise of treating 5000+ patients and profound knowledge about various treatments and technologies, Dr. Neha Sharma with international fellowships and professional training from reputed institutions is here to provide quality care for your skin and hair.

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