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Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where an individual experiences excessive swearing that is hard to prevent. It makes the individual extremely self-conscious and in rare instances can hinder their work or whatever they put their mind into. Hyperhidrosis mostly grabs other people’s attention which might trigger inhibitions that are unentrenched & unhappening. Hyperhidrosis is a regular occurrence in most people which can be optimally diagnosed with the help of modern medical advancements.


There are very few in fact the only symptom that indicates Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating depending on the place, time, climate, etc…Many might wonder or get confused about sweating like a normal Human being or experiencing Hyperhidrosis. To distinguish sweating from Hyperhidrosis is that the condition ignominiously causes the sweat production to drip from armpits & the body. It often causes excessive sweating feet which obstructs your walking posture and makes your feet more slippery to walk like normal.

Hyperhidrosis affects the body parts uniformly. To explain, if your right armpit is sweating too much than normal then your left armpit might produce the same amount of sweat too. Though it sounds a bit relieving, Hyperhidrosis will affect your work and poised nature if persisted for too long. On the bright side, Hyperhidrosis is an occurrence that takes place when the human body is active and functioning. Hyperhidrosis is absent when you’re asleep and unconscious.


Hyperhidrosis is infact a normal sweating condition a usual human being experiences in his life but excessive amounts. So, it might not come across as a surprise to know the places where the Human Body is likely to produce sweating:

  • Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis (Hands)
  • Craniofacial Hyperhidrosis (Face)
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Armpits)
  • Plantar Hyperhidrosis (Feet)


Overactive sweat glands in the human body fundamentally incite and trigger Hyperhidrosis.

The general cooling system of the Human body normally overrides the chances of excessive sweating but In rare conditions, it surpasses the Human intrinsic activities during nervousness, anxiety, physical exercises which predominantly leads to Hyperhidrosis.

Risk factors for hyperhidrosis include family history with members affected by excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can also be reliable based on your medical condition. For example, certain pills that cure certain conditions might produce Hyperhidrosis as a medical side effect.


There are two different types of Hyperhidrosis based on Natural health condition or Extrinsic medical condition:


This is a condition where the patient experiences Hyperhidrosis based on his genetic conditions and normal functioning of his body. There’s no medical or medication associated with it. The primary Focal condition produces excessive sweat in areas like Hands and Underarms symmetrically. Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis is mostly occurred during childhood or early adolescence and is most probable that someone from your bloodline is dealing with it.


As emphasized before, Secondary generalized Hyperhidrosis is an excessive sweating condition where the sweat is caused due to a medical condition or certain medication. It can also be an astigmatic side effect of medication prescribed to cure other types of health conditions. Since it’s associated with Medication, secondary generalized hyperhidrosis occurs when you are old. The tribulation with secondary Hyperhidrosis is it can cause sweat while the body is inactive or even asleep.

Medications that precipitate Modesty generalized Hyperhidrosis as follows: Menopause, Hypothyroidism, Tumour, Frostbite, Diabetes, Anxiety.


Treatment of Hyperhidrosis at Estique is the most assured and invasive process that fundamentally starts from exploring and digging up your medical history. We at Estique clinic propagate holistic treatment methods to diagnose the condition from its roots and avoid any future encounters or complications for the treatment.

After knowing the medical history, certain medical stipulations like lab tests may be performed to achieve a proper diagnosis so that proper treatment can be prescribed.

Modalities of treatment like Radiofrequency Micro needling & BOTOX are preferred as they keep us symptomatic fully for longer durations.

BOTOX is FDA approved for hyperhidrosis and results of a single session can last from six to eight months.

The procedure is performed only in a few minutes and is completely painless.



  • Do practice Natural healing exercises Yoga or Medication to reduce the elements of stress, anxiety, and anger from your system that are most likely to cause Sweat.
  • Do cut the intake of caffeine to your body.
  • Regular bathing is the key factor for a healthy and sweat-less body.
  • Prefer clothes that are most likely to cause less sweat depending on your activity.
  • Apply baby powder toss hoes to absorb moisture and sweat.
  • Habituate wearing sandals daily to avoid sweaty feet.


  • Do not wear clothes that are untidy or soaked in blood.
  • Never postpone the morning activities like Medication or Yoga.
  • Don’t accept much work when you are not adequately prepared to do it.
  • Never rub the sweat off with your hands. It results in skin damage.


No! Hyperhidrosis is of two types one is caused due to medication while the other is a genetic condition.

Not particularly. But the excessive sweating can lead to anxiety problems and increased stress levels.
Unfortunately, it does not. One cannot outgrow hyperhidrosis with age.
The most commonly prescribed medications for hyperhidrosis around the world are glycopyrrolate, oxybutynin, benztropine, propantheline.


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