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Lesser known causes that make your skin look dull

Lesser known causes that make your skin look dull

Lesser known causes that make your skin look dull

We know this, luminous, dewy skin never goes out of style. We do know that it’s not always easy to maintain radiance, and there are reasons why the skin loses that so-called glow. Our skin is constantly shedding dead cells, but if the process doesn’t work efficiently, your complexion can take on a dull, unhealthy, exhausted look that underlines wrinkles.

There are near-effortless ways to get your good glow back. It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference in your skin. If due to the dull skin, you feel like you have lost your shine, chances are, one of the errors below is responsible. So break those habits and plan in no time for beaming, healthy-looking skin.

You’re dehydrated — and so is your skin.

Dehydration decreases the amount of blood flow to the skin and makes you look yellow and sick. Dehydration may seem like a short-term problem solved by a glass of water but board-certified dermatologists support the long-term problem of skin dehydration.

Consistently failing to give the skin the hydration it requires may cause lasting damage from severe chronic dehydration, such as fine lines, sagging skin and even scales and deep wrinkles.

SOLUTION: long story short: Drink up if you don’t want wrinkles. Try to have eight glasses of water drunk a day.

2. You’re not exfoliating your skin.

If you do twice a day wash your face, great! But you need to add one very crucial step: exfoliation. Dryness is the most common cause of dull skin, and exfoliating creates a fresh canvas that allows for better penetration of topical products. The procedure removes the outer layer of dead cells from the skin so that its surface becomes cleaner and clearer and reflects light (glitters!).

SOLUTION: Incorporate one form of exfoliator into your routine at a time, to prevent skin irritation and injury. (For instance, do not use a physical scrub or a cleaning brush at the same time, if you are trying a chemical peel). Try a single-use wipe such as First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads which contains two types of alpha-hydroxy acids at levels safe for sensitive skin.

3. You’re forgetting to moisturize regularly.

Dull skin is crying out for humidity. Dermatologists claim that everyday life and environment & stress create cracks on the surface of our skin which give the appearance of dullness.

SOLUTION: In those fissures, Moisturizer fills with added lipids, the skin’s natural fats, creating a smooth, reflective surface. Dermatologists recommend the use of moisturizers with ingredients such as ceramides that help repair skin barrier function and enhance water retention and hyaluronic acid that plumps skin cells by drawing water into the surrounding tissue. (IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream is a great choice containing both.)

Use your moisturizer in gentle, upward motions to improve blood circulation and activate the cells around your face and neck, “suggested by the dermatologist. This will add oxygen to your skin’s surface, making it look smooth and safe.

4. You’re super stressed

Stress plays a big part in your skin’s brilliance— or its lack. Stress causes cortisol to increase, which can affect blood flow to the skin and fix[effect] skin. Translation: whatever the deadline, disagreement, or anger you hold on to might be what’s between you and your lustrous skin.

SOLUTION: Managing stress is crucial. Take time to at home to de-stress. According to an Olay report, adopting a more positive attitude was a normal, significant factor in “super-agers” (women who look 10 + years younger than their actual age). Consider learning strategies, too, to relax your mind and manage the stress that will help improve your skin now and in the future.

5. You are sleep deprived.

Anything that keeps you up at night, has your best skin in the way. Sleep is the restorative time of the body when the skin cells heal and rebuild themselves. If that duration is reduced or changed, the skin cells are unable to perform at their best.

SOLUTION: Log seven to nine hours of sleep to have your best look (and feel!). Night creams are tackling tough skin problems as you drift away. Swap in an extra-nutritious overnight mask weekly or as needed in place of your night cream for even more moisturizing strength. Amorepacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask increased moisture levels of the skin by 49 percent.

6. Your environment is affecting your skin.

Your environment can dull your skin with air pollutants, low humidity, harsh winds, and exposure to UV, which can harm unprotected skin. For one study, researchers monitored women who had lived for over 20 years in both rural and urban areas and found that there were substantially more brown spots and lines among the urban dwellers.

SOLUTION: To keep your skin smooth and even, you need not move. Second, always wash your face before bed, while you’re sleeping, “otherwise polluting particles will clog pores.” Then, apply a good antioxidant product every morning to mop up the free radicals that we are exposed to every day, thus preventing them from doing harm. Some of the best are green tea, white tea, vitamin C, and resveratrol; try the white tea-laden moisturizer Origins A Perfect World Age-Defence. Please wear SPF every day to protect the skin from the toxins and the sun.

If you are living in a high-smog climate, getting some exercise is one way to counteract the effects of your environment. “Aerobic activity improves skin circulation, which assists in transferring nutrients and eliminating toxins from our skin cells, suggests, so add a stop to your routine at the gym and get ready to see a big difference.

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