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Dark circle

Periorbital skin presentation may be in the form of pigmentation, puffiness, wrinkles, and hollowness. An under-eye cream is not enough to tackle these problems.

We offer various modalities for tackling these concerns. Dr. Neha Sharma at the Estique clinic provides the best treatment for Dark circles.

IPEEL – These are the chemical peels especially designed to take care of under-eye skin. They help by exfoliating the superficial layer, remodeling, and regeneration of skin leading to improved texture and reduction in pigment.

IFINE – This treatment uses the technology radiofrequency to treat the skin laxity. As we age the skin under our eyes tends to become lax due to reduced collagen production. Dermal heating in radiofrequency treatment leads to both immediate and long-term changes in collagen structure which help in the reduction of laxity, wrinkles and also pigment reduction.

LASER TONING – Q switched Nd Yag LASER acts on the principle of selective photothermolysis and helps in reducing the pigment as well the texture of the skin by collagen remodeling.

FILLERS – Fillers are used to filling the tear trough deformity or hollowness under the eyes. Tear trough deformity is characterized by the sunken appearance of the eye which results in a dark shadow effect over the lower eyelid. Hollowness could be genetic or acquired due to collagen degradation because of aging. Hollowness under the eyes makes the face look perpetually tired and sad.  Once the hollowness fills, the face looks more refreshing and pleasant.

BOTOX – Botox helps in the reduction of fine lines around the eyes (Crow’s feet).

PLATELET RICH PLASMA – PRP treatment is extremely helpful for tear trough deformity and wrinkles around the eyes.





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