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Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment in Gurgaon


This process involves a combination of micro-needling of the skin to create tiny pricks in the surface of the skin and high tensioned radiofrequency pulse to stimulate the body’s own production of new collagen ( neocollagenesis) to reduce the stretch marks. The process is gentle with minimum downtime, 5-6 sessions may be recommended for best results.


Both Erbium fiber and fractional CO2 LASERS have shown excellent results for stretch marks.We prepare the patient by applying numbing cream for 20-30 mins before starting the procedure. Procedural time could be anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

1) Fractional ablative resurfacing by CO2 LASER involves the formation of ablated, vaporized columns of tissue visible in the form of tiny dots surrounded by annular zones of coagulation and remodeling of collagen. There is an immediate and prolonged improvement in scar depth, skin tone, and texture.

2) Erbium fiber 1565nm is nonablative. The LASER creates microthermal zones where it heats the dermal tissue which results in the formation of new collagen over a period of time resulting in smoother skin. The procedure has no downtime.

Both the LASERS can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma to give better results.

A number of sessions would be decided according to patients needs.


Dermarollers are wheel-like devices with microneedles. These microneedles create micro-injuries to the skin which is then followed by the natural healing process of the body resulting in new collagen formation. This neocollagenesis leads to improved texture with a decrease in depth of the scars.

The procedure is gentle and has minimal downtime. 4-6 weeks could be required to see the effect of each sitting. A number of sitting would be decided according to the severity of the stretch marks.

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