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Instant Power Radiance

Best Skin Doctor In Gurgaon

Healthy glowing skin is what we all yearn for. Instant power radiance treatment at the Estique clinic leaves you with immediate glowing and rejuvenated skin. We begin the treatment by doing exfoliation of the skin using microdermabrasion using a diamond tip. This helps in exfoliation and removing superficial dead skin which leads to baby like soft underlying skin. Following this, we apply a chemical peel that is tailored according to the individual’s skin. Once the peel is done, we seal the procedure by applying a moisturizer and sunscreen. This treatment helps in achieving quick results and can be performed in 20 -25 minutes. For all the time strained people this is the best fix.




I would like to recommend Dr Neha Sharma to all who are looking for best dermatologist in Gurgaon. That's because I have experienced her treatment and the results are great. I consulted her and took treatment for glowing skin, which was wonderful. Extremely satisfied. Definitely recommending to others.


I have visited Dr. Neha Sharma for glowing and rejuvenated skin. And results were very good. Would recommend her to all my friends.

Anu Sharma
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