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Erbium Fibre Laser

Erbium Fiber Laser

The LASER creates microthermal zones where it heats the dermal tissue which results in the formation of new collagen over some time. These affected areas are separated by small fragments of normal skin to allow easy healing. The main chromophores absorbing LASER energy are sebaceous glands, water, and dermal tissues.  The resultant production of new collagen and elastin fibers results in healthy radiant skin with improved texture, reduction in scars and indistinct stretch marks.



  • Noninvasive
  • Minimal downtime – redness and swelling could last for up to 1 day. Most patients can resume work immediately post-session.
  • Faster
  • Less painful

3 – 5 sessions at a monthly interval are required for effective results depending on the need of the patient. For post-procedure, we advise the use of a sunscreen above 40 SPF.


Dr. Neha is very experienced and soft spoken. She did fractional laser and I got the best results I would completely recommend her.

Sheetal Wadehra

Dr. Neha Sharma gave me a very natural younger look. I trust her completely for all kind of procedures. I also had erbium fractional lasers with her and the results were very good. She's also very kind and friendly and it's a pleasure to go and visit her! I trust her completely for all kind of procedures and I'll definitely go back to her clinic.

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