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Medifacials are currently the World’s favourite therapy undergone by millions of people all around the globe. Medifacials, unlike other treatments, is extremely soothing, relaxing, and serene.

acne scar

Acne scars are formed as a result of moderate to sever acne. Treatment available by experienced doctor which is 100 percent safe and has no side effects.

anti aging

Anti-ageing therapies help reduce appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and skin slackening. Here at Estique, anti-ageing therapies are specifically customized to meet individual's need giving best results.

dark circles

Dark circles can even make healthy individuals look exhausted, weak & dull. Estique clinic has all latest technologies with treatments customized to instantly uplift the face with long lasting results.

face and body contouring

For wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, cellulite & skin tightening, Estique Clinic has FDA approved latest technologies.


Fillers can help make your skin look young & fresh helping get rid of unwanted skin wrinkles and roughness. Visit us to get a fresher and younger look today.


It is used for both skin and hair. It promotes hair regrowth and stoppage of hair fall. Some of the benefits for skin include acne & acne scars, anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, and pigmentation.


Laser hair removal treatment helps you get rid of hair from unwanted places such as underarms, facial hair etc. in a safe and painless way with lasting results


Hair loss can be due to a number of factors. Book an appointment to find out the exact cause and get safe and effective treatments with visible results.


Our therapies for pigmentation successfully treat freckles, melasma, sun spots, uneven skin tone, dullness and all other pigmentation changes.


We have the most advanced, FDA approved technologies for treatment of stretch marks & skin tightening.


Estique Clinic offers FDA approved, latest technology. We have successfully treated the most severe cases of acne scars with 100% results and no side effects.

lip rejuvenation

Get the shape, color, texture improvement and significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the lip with lip rejuvenating techniques

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