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Micro-needling for Hair

Micro-Needling Treatment in Gurgaon

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure wherein fine needles in the form of Dermapen are used over the affected area to cause tiny punctures in the skin to induce new collagen formation, neovascularization and growth factor production.

Microneedling shows excellent results especially when combined with:

  1. PRP – It increases the penetration of the platelet-rich plasma.
  2. Mesotherapy – It facilitates the delivery of vitamins, growth factors, peptides into the target tissue to aid growth, increase blood stimulation.

The procedure has shown promising results in various causes of hair loss including patterned hair loss (male/female pattern hair loss), alopecia areata.

Duration of the procedure: 15-20 minutes

There is minimal downtime. The patient may feel heavy for an hour post-procedure.

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