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Scar management

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed.Scars are a natural part of the healing process.
Types of scars
When a scar forms on the skin, it will be one of the following types.
1) Flat scar
It will be pink to reddish in color and slightly raised. It may be itchy or painful. As it heals it will flatten and change the color. It could be paler or slightly darker than you skin color

2) Raised Scar or Hypertrophic scar
This scar rises above the surface of your skin, so you see a raised, firm scar.
Some raised scars itch or feel painful. If the scar is large or forms on a shoulder, elbow, or other joint, it can restrict your movement. Treatment can relieve these complications.
3) Depressed or Atrophic scar
These scars sit below the surface of your skin, giving the skin a sunken or pitted look. Most depressed scars form on the face.
Depressed scars are mostly seen after chickenpox or post severe acne.

Treatment modalities vary from scar to scar.
Various modalities used to treat scars are:
1) Lasers
– CO2 Fractional page
– Erbium Fibre Fractional LASER ( link to laser page)
2) Radio frequency microneedling ( link to page)
3) Chemical peeling – link to page

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