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Anti aging

best Anti Ageing treatment in Gurgaon

Skin is the biggest proof of aging. There are both internal as well as external factors that contribute to aging.

Internal factors: hormonal disturbances like decreasing level of estrogen,

  • Genetics like I/II phototype are more prone to wrinkles whereas IV type
  • develops an uneven skin tone.
  • poorer blood supply to the skin causes an insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen.

External factors: Sun, free radical damage to cells because of UV rays

  • Pollution
  • Smoking and excessive drinking
  • Inappropriate skin care

Aging occurs in all three layers of skin.

Epidermis shows: –Decreased cell turnover

–Reduction in sebum content

 Dermis shows: –Degradation of collagen by the rate of 1% per year beyond 25

— Reduction in hyaluronic acid

— Poor blood supply

Subcutaneous fat: –Reduction in the size and number of adipose tissues.

Signs and symptoms of aging:

1) Wrinkles

2) Dark Spots

3) Fine lines

4) Slack and loose skin

5) Loss of volume

6) Dryness of skin

7) More fragile skin

8) Increased tendency to bruise

9) Skin becomes more transparent

10) Age spots and skin tags

We at Estique clinic continuously use revolutionary technologies to maintain the refreshed and

radiant you.

Some of the anti-aging technologies that we use are:

1) Skin Rejuvenation by LASERS

– Erbium Fibre LASER

– Fractional resurfacing by ablative CO2.

2) Platelet Rich Plasma

3) Radiofrequency microneedling

4) Dermarollers

5) Chemical Peels

6) Anti-wrinkle injections

7) Fillers

8) High intensity frequency ultrasound

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