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Tips to keep your skin summer ready

6 Tips to keep your skin summer ready

Tips to keep your skin summer ready

Summer is arriving early! Worried about Tan, Pigmentation, and so on? We’re here to put all your problems at ease. Here are some tips to help you keep your skin ready for the summer.

1. Exfoliate 

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Exfoliation removes the dead skin which is responsible for the dull complexion and gives a bright glow to your face. For better results, use the exfoliating scrubs or chemicals prescribed by an expert dermatologist. Exfoliating your skin twice a day will help you avoid tanning and other common skin problems in summer

2. Moisturize

Exfoliation also makes your skin more receptive to moisturizers which are good. During summers, the skin is prone to dehydration due to high temperatures. Moisturizing helps the skin stay hydrated,  keeping your skin fresh and glowing. And the use of clinically approved moisturizers is suggestive

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3. Shave right

During summers, shaving your skin might lead to razor burns. It is preferable to use lukewarm water and using an aftershave cream to keep your skin cool & to close the pores

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4. Tackle the Tan

Skin Tan is the most common problem during the summer. Use sunscreen to tackle the tan and protect your skin from becoming dull and gloomy. Sometimes, even after using the right sunscreen, you might observe tan on your skin. Nothing to worry, use coolant gels or we have the best treatments such as chemical peels, instant power radiance, lasers, etc. to keep the skin refreshing and help you get rid of the tan

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5. The Right Diet And Hydration

What you eat and what you drink has a significant impact on your skin. Staying hydrated also helps your skin pores stay closed. Also, replacing oily foods with fruits and vegetables in your diet will lead to your skin’s inner glow. Foods like dairy, sugar, and coffee are the biggest culprits for pimples

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6. Skin Rejuvenation

Flawless skin demands a lot of commitment from your end. Skin Rejuvenation helps keep your skin smooth and lustrous even during the summer. Occasionally taking microdermabrasion often keeps your skin pores closed

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Why not make it perfect when you love your skin and give it an elegant look and feel that it deserves? Dr. Neha Sharma is here with the experience of treating more than 3000 patients & the know-how required to keep the skin healthy and fresh with safe and validated treatments. Book an appointment today for adept diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of skincare & skin disorders treatments.


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